Vision Loss Center is a unique and innovative center of integrative medicine for the treatment of impaired vision.

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Dr. Mario Dube uses a highly effective technique for the treatment of vision loss disorders with up to 80% efficacy rate.

The Therapies Consist of:

  • Acupuncture sessions performed around specific joints on the body and forehead (There are no needles punctured close to the eyes);
  • Small injections of a natural and safe homeopathic formulation on specific points on the body (There are no injections close to the eyes);
  • The administration of light emitting diode (LED) arrays directly to the closed eyelids;
  • Nutritional supplementation specific to the patient condition.

Vision Loss Acupuncture Treatment

The acupuncture point’s used in the technique lies around all the joints of the body. Surrounding each joint is a special structure, which in its function bears a strong resemblance to cerebral tissue. This is the key to how this system works.

Each patient goes through extensive visual testing (perimetry, tonometry, visual acuity, amsler grid evaluation) before, during and after the completion of the therapy to evaluate the progression.

The Treatment consists of two daily 30 minutes acupuncture sessions followed immediately by injection therapy with a 60 minutes pause between each session.  During the break, light emitting diode (LED) arrays are given into the closed eyelids. The LED treatment lasts four and a half minutes per eye and is completely safe and painless.

The therapy is given on a daily basis of 5 days in a row in the first week. On the following week, the entire protocol is repeated to complete the 2-week program. Patients are recommended to come back in the future for maintenance.